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Motorcycle accidents can cause very serious injuries. These injuries can be anything from road rash and broken bones to head injury and brain damage. Fatal motorcycle accidents are also common.

Most motorcycle riders understand the dangers, and expect that if they drive reasonably they will be fine. But too many accidents happen because people driving cars “just didn’t see” them and end up plowing into motorbike riders. Other times, a defective bike, defective equipment, or even a roadway can cause a wreck.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The Indianapolis, Indiana personal injury law firm of Benkie & Crawford has years of practice and a successful track record representing clients who have suffered significant injuries in motorcycle accidents of all kinds. The Firm works closely with doctors and other health care providers to discuss the short and long-term medical consequences of an injury. The Wrongful Death Attorneys of Benkie & Crawford possess a detailed understanding of Indiana’s automobile insurance and liability laws and understand the different sources of recovery available to car accident victims and their families.

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