Our firm helped change an Indiana Department of Transportation policy for safer highways.

In this same case, Durham v. U-Haul, Marion County Superior Court 10, Civil Division, cause number  49D10-9704-CT-0504, Plaintiffs alleged that an asphalt bituminous divider was insufficient in separating traffic in a construction zone on our interstates and Indiana finally adopted a policy which now prohibits the use of bituminous dividers on our interstates in construction zones. Indiana now uses a concrete barrier which arguably saves lives.

The following additional cases involved appeals handled by the firm of BENKIE & CRAWFORD in medical malpractice cases involving death and serious injury.

Forte v. Connerwood Healthcare, 745 N.E.2d 796 (Ind. 2001)

Kennedy v. Murphy, 659 N.E.2d 506 (Ind. 1995)  Successful appeal of a medical malpractice case through the Indiana Supreme Court involving the standard for summary judgment.

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